Lump Ore

Basic form of Iron Ore generated after screening of Run-of-Mine
Having physical specification of above 40mm
Low Profit margin product
Used as raw material for manufacture of Calibrated Lump Ore (CLO)

Size Ore

Output of the screening of Run-of-Mine extracted
Having physical specification ranging between 10mm – 40mm
Low priced product with lower profit margin
Used as one of the basic raw materials in Pig Iron Plants 
Calibrated Lump Ore
Purest form of Iron-ore with high Fe content
Has physical specification between 5mm to 18mm
Used as main raw material in sponge Iron Plants for manufacturing of Iron and has huge domestic demand from all steel plants
High value product
Iron Ore Fines
Smallest size of Iron-ore having physical specification upto 10mm
Being produced as by-product of CLO during crushing activity
Has purity content between 54 Fe to 63.5 Fe
Used for sintering process in steel plants
Not much in demand in domestic market
Aluminum ore, called bauxite, is most commonly formed in deeply weathered rocks
Approximately 95% of the world's bauxite production is processed into aluminium
Bauxites are heated in pressure vessels with sodium hydroxide solution at 150-200 °C through which aluminium is dissolved as aluminate
Most materials used for transportation use large amounts of aluminum: cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and aircraft engines
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